Ibertejo Group


Ibertejo Group was born out of the necessity to utilize the synergy between the companies that form it, Sulmaré and Ibertejo, to increase the quality of products and service and improve the organization of all the production chain, from the high sea capture, transformation, packaging and commercialization of products by SULMARÉ to the storing process, logistics and transportation by IBERTEJO.


Our History

Founded in 1985, our company moved to our current instalations in 1990, increasing our storage and production facilities along the years. This allows us a smarter, faster and more flexible response to the new challenges set by the market and our clients.

With an increase in sales, it became absolutely necessary that we grew along, by improving our product transformation areas and introducing equipment with the latest technology. As such, we had to redefine the layout of our factories, warehouses and cold storages.

Ibertejo has put together the knowledge and experience that can only come from many decades selling fish and seafood, and the evolution of technology and work methods, making it possible to focus in the quality of our products and increase our competitiveness, with our main goal ultimately being our customer’s satisfaction.

Highly qualified workers

The products we offer you at Ibertejo are carefully and methodically processed by our collaborators in a thourough and personalized way, and always tested under a rigorous quality control.

High-tech equipment

At Ibertejo we have brand new facilities, with around 110 collaborators, a renewed fleet, high-tech equipment and 12.000m3 of cold storage.