Sulmaré, Lda


Sulmaré Lda is our group’s company dedicated to the capture, freezing, transformation, packaging and commercialization of our fish products.

Joia da CoroaWith our fishing fleet and our complex industrial infrastructure, along with highly specialized workers and innovative machinery, we offer a vast selection of products, all of them produced under the most rigorous processes of food quality control.
Our fishing boats are distributed all over Portugal, allowing capture in the entire Portuguese coast, including our islands. That way, we are able to assure a great amount of variety and a vast selection of fish and seafood, all so that we can provide you the fish you like the most.
Per week, we capture around 9 tons of fish and seafood.
Beyond portuguese waters, we have established partnerships with international fishing companies to bring you the best fish and seafood from all over the Atlantic Ocean, particularly from Mauritania and Uruguay.